DNA & Vision

We're out to change the way the world enjoys delicious, whole proteins like chicken, turkey and beef. And when it comes to changing the world, this ain't our first rodeo. In fact, the minds behind Clean Planet Foods are the same minds that reinvented fresh salsa. Jack Aronson created his first batch of salsa in a 5-gallon bucket in the back of his legendary restaurant just outside Detroit. That's when lightning struck and Garden Fresh Salsa was born. Now he's gotten the band back together and they're revolutionizing eating with quick, delicious, clean proteins that make it easy to eat right.


Clean Planet Foods is changing the way the world eats - for the better.

About Clean Planet Foods

Clean Planet Foods was founded on simple, down-to-earth principles: make honest, healthy food; make it safe, flavorful, and make it easy to get and prepare. Now you can get nutritious, chef-inspired proteins and other entrées delivered right to your door. What's more, our lean, expertly seasoned chicken, turkey or beef comes individually wrapped in perfectly sized portions for the ultimate in convenience and ease of preparation.


After igniting the fresh salsa revolution by creating the #1 brand of fresh salsa in North America, Jack turned his love of delicious, healthy foods toward the realm of protein with a wildly innovative line of fully cooked, nutritionally optimized, perfectly portioned chicken, beef and turkey that you can have delivered right to your door.