Never Stop Making It Better

In the 19th century, Louis Pasteur changed life on the planet when he invented pasteurization, making food safer and the world a better place. But, world-changing as it was, pasteurization has its drawbacks. Because it relies on heat to virtually eliminate many kinds of food-borne pathogens, it also cooks away nutrients, as well as changing the way foods taste. Now, in the 21st century we have an even better solution. It's called High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP), and it couldn't be simpler or more natural. Using cold water pressure, it also eliminates the things in food that promote spoilage, or worse. But it does so without effecting taste, texture, nutrition content, or the all-important digestive enzymes our bodies need. It's the best of all possible worlds, and that's why we HPP everything we make. Clean Planet products stay fresh in your refrigerator longer (much longer) without the use of artificial preservatives. And, because you don't have to freeze Clean Planet products, they're ready to heat and enjoy on a moment's notice.

Never Stop Making It Better

Our vision was never to be the biggest food company making delicious, nutritious and convenient solutions for a time-starved world, only the best. That vision starts with our chef-centered approach to making great products, which means we don't start with food engineers toiling in a test laboratory. Rather, everything we offer is first created by real-world, award-winning chefs that share your passion for flavorful fare-in a kitchen, no less! Instead of, "here's what we can produce, make something that fits," our chefs say, "here's something extraordinary, figure out how to make it." In keeping with that approach, we grind our own chicken, turkey and beef. Our grilled products are actually grilled in a two-million BTU griller! We finish-cook in state-of-the-art steam ovens for the moistest center-of-plate whole proteins and other items you'll ever taste.

Heating Flavor Vessel Technology


Breakthrough is an overused expression, but that's exactly what our specially developed, BPA-free film pouch represents when it comes to fully cooked, individually wrapped portions-a breakthrough in convenience. Individual servings means you get an ideal portion without having to open more than you need. And the film pouch functions as an incredibly safe and effective heating vessel. Just throw it in the microwave for about a minute and voila! It inflates as it steams in the juices, then pops when it's ready. Take it out, peel it open and enjoy the moistest morsel that ever emerged from a microwave oven.